Script Calls

Our script calls are for you to submit a script to a producer in our network who is actively looking for new projects for their development slate. All script calls are either free-to-enter or they are run on a pay-what-you-can basis to keep the entry barriers low.

Open Calls

We currently do not have any open calls.

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Closed calls

These are the script calls we run in the past:

Pitch features and TV pilots to Terhi Kylliainen

Producer looking for Feature Film or TV Plot scripts. Drama stories featuring storylines with a genre element, such as The Guest (dir. Adam Wingard), Lady Macbeth (dir. Will Oldroyd) and Beast (dir. Michael Pearce). Preference for stories set in the UK, better if outside London, but ultimately open to stories set anywhere in the world, as long as the screenplay is in English.

Check out the winners here

Christien Bart-Gittens - Film Producer Headshot

Pitch musical short films to Christien Bart-Gittens

Christien is a short film producer looking for short musical scripts – projects where at least 50% of the story is told through music. Good examples are One Fourth Gone and Whiplash (the short film, or the section from the feature that came from the short).

Check out the winners here