How to connect with producers

(online workshop)

Everyone can connect with a producer if they go about it the right way, even without an agent. In fact, most writers and directors need to make short film and perhaps even feature films being signed by an agent. So how should you go about it?

After a long time providing informal advice to the filmmakers participating in our initiatives, we have now launched the How to connect with producers workshop: an online session for writers and directors to learn how to promote themselves and make those vital connections with producers that they need to succeed.

Learn how to get meetings with producers without attending endless networking events.

who the workshop is for

Writers and directors who want to connect with producers to make Feature Films and Short Films. No matter what their level of experience is.

workshop details

The workshop is 2 hours long and it is delivered online. It touches on the following topics:

  1. When you need a producer: Short Films vs Feature Films vs TV Pilots.
  2. The kind of producers you need: Executive Producers vs Line Producers.
  3. Who is likely to engage with you (depending on your experience).
  4. Where to find different kinds of producers.
  5. How to find a producer’s contact details.
  6. How to connect with a producer (professionally) and get a response.
  7. General meetings: how to get results.
  8. Finding a producer for a specific initiative (E.g. BFI funding calls or other schemes).
  9. PRACTICAL EXERCISE: we put in practise what we learnt during the workshop by picking one of the participants and help them connect with a producer.

waiting list

We’ll drop you an email when we run the next session. Spaces are limited so we suggest you sign up now.

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