Mission and Values

We want to empower filmmakers by creating opportunities where creativity comes first, independently from any background or previous experience.

• Story is king •

We believe a good story speaks for itself. We don’t care about who’s attached, we want to see a strong screenplay.

• Quality first •

We prioritise quality over the market. A solid script will go further with us than one with a concept surfing the latest trends.

• Open to new writers •

You don’t necessarily need a strong track record to succeed with us. All we care about is what you’ve written today. We’ll never be scared of supporting great stories. Because we are confident we can recognize one. We’ve got taste and we are proud of it.

• Background doesn’t matter •

Writing is free. It’s the most democratic art. We give everyone a shot, no matter where they come from. It doesn’t matter who you are. All that matters is what’s written on the page.

How do we achieve this in an industry where your previous experience does matter?

We built a producers network coming from different backgrounds and different levels of experience. By ensuring our pool is as diverse as possible, we are able to accept submissions also from writers who don’t have previous credits. Although previous experience always helps, we act as a filter and we can connect you with those producers who are keen on working with new writers too.