Winners announced: Script Call Terhi Kylliainen

We are excited to share with you the winners we selected as part of our script call to help producer Terhi Kyllianen find a new project to add to her development slate!

We received about 220 submissions from multiple countries and 13 of them were marked as being particularly strong. Our 13 finalists are:

  1. All the right friends, by Poppy Daniell
  2. Aviemore, by Ann Hawker
  3. Hope House, by Isobel Charman
  4. Infinite Riches: the story of Christopher Marlowe, by TJ Keenan
  5. Iqbal’s shoes, by Rahim Moledina
  6. Marriage, by Alana Baily
  7. Off-Piste, by Pasha Tong
  8. Private Investigations, by Brendan O’Connell
  9. Pumpkin Ratbag, by Alix Eve
  10. The Conquered and the Lost, by Mahmut Mahmut
  11. The Cutting Room, by Liam Kavanagh
  12. The Longest Road, by Jon Hague
  13. They Listen, by Debora Bottino

Since we had agreed with Terhi that she would read 10 screenplays (not 13), we sent her the logline, synopsis and additional information for all the selected projects and she discarded the 3 screenplays which were based on concepts she didn’t feel interested in. At this stage she discarded:

  1. Infinite Riches: the story of Christopher Marlowe, by TJ Keenan
  2. Pumpkin Ratbag, by Alix Eve
  3. The Longest Road, by Jon Hague

These were particularly strong scripts, so even if she is not interested, we will forward the details of these projects to the producers in our network to see if anyone is interested in reading the full scripts.

Terhi will now read the 10 remaining screenplays and let us know who she’d like to set up meetings with by May 20th. She will also write brief feedback for those writers who will not have the chance to meet with her.

Thank you so much for being part of this exciting journey. We are hoping to open more script calls in the future, so keep an eye on our script calls page and register your interest below if you’d like to get an email notification when a new script call opens. We also suggest you subscribe to our newsletter to be always up to date with all the latest opportunities.

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