Shortlisted projects announced: Musical Short Script Call for Christien Bart-Gittens

We are proud to announce the shortlisted projects for the script call for independent producer Christien Bart-Gittens, who was looking for short film screenplays where at least 50% of the story is delivered through music.

Shortlisted projects:

“Onkalo” by Sarah Owens

“Mashup” by Barrie Staff

Both writers had a call with Christien and are now developing their projects with Christien, with “Onkalo” becoming a proof of concept short film with the ambition of becoming a long-form project.

The call with Christien went really well – it’s opening up the potential for a very exciting project, expanding the script that I originally submitted into something more than I anticipated. The opportunity to make this connection with a producer was invaluable to me, seeing as I am new to writing screenplays and to the industry in general. I can’t wait to see where it all goes and continue working with Christien in the future!

Sarah Owens – writer of “Onkalo”

Christien gave me two rounds of superb, penetrating notes, which caused me to push myself through to a fourth draft – which is incomparably better than what I initially submitted. Thankfully he saw something in that first draft that adhered to his brief, and didn’t give up on it. I feel the script works superbly well now. And I simply wouldn’t have gotten to this point with this project without his careful mentoring

Barry Staff – writer of “Mashup”

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