Screenplay Feedback

Our screenplay feedback service is for you to make your script bulletproof before sharing it with the industry. If you are interested in pitching to a producer, keep an eye on the Script Calls instead.

Our feedback is

tailored •

Sometimes script notes can sound like a personal opinion or suggest you take a direction that feels wrong for your project. We focus on helping you achieve your vision for the project, so we ask you a few questions before reading the script. This helps us tailor our feedback to your intentions and help you do the next steps towards your own goal.

actionable •

If you have purchased script coverage before, you have probably felt some notes were too generic or academic. Our feedback is structured so that you receive actionable notes that you can immediately implement from the next draft.

honest •

It doesn’t matter who gives feedback on your script – industry execs, producers, fellow writers, or even friends – the problem is always the same: they don’t want to compromise their relationship with you. So their words tend to be too kind to be truly useful… Our script coverage is 100% honest because we know how difficult it is to get unbiased notes.

professional •

We work exclusively with experienced script analysts who are also contracted by established production companies, film studios, and funding institutions. So you get feedback from the same readers who select scripts and source new talent for the industry. Independently from their previous experience, we do a trial with each new reader we take on to ensure their notes are meeting our standards.

Customize your feedback

what you always get •

  • Minimum 2-pages of constructive feedback (1-page for short films). Turnaround time is 1 week.
  • A report that is tailored to your vision for the project (we send you a form to fill in after you sent the script).

you can add •

  • More pages of feedback
  • Anything else you need, feel free to request it in the comments


Short Film£40.00
(1-page of notes)
(2-pages of notes)
TV Pilot (half-hour)£70.00
(2-pages of notes)
(4-pages of notes)
TV Pilot (one-hour)£80.00
(2-pages of notes)
(4-pages of notes)
Feature Film£90.00
(2-pages of notes)
(4-pages of notes)
Additional fees may apply for particularly long scripts or rush delivery. If you are not happy with the quality of the notes we will issue a refund for the feedback fee.


The feedback I have had so far has been great. It has not been generic and actually gives me specific examples of areas that are weak and need improvements.

Calum James – New Writer

Really good notes – I particularly like the fact that, instead of just criticizing, options are put forward by the reader which helps highlighting more the deficiencies.

Paolo Hewitt – New Writer

Get Feedback

After the checkout, we will send you a link to send us additional information about your project, so that we can tailor the feedback to your vision.