Screenplay Feedaback + Pitch Network

tailored •

Sometimes script notes can sound like a personal opinion or suggest you take a direction that feels wrong for your project. We focus on helping you achieve your vision for the project, so we ask you a few questions before reading the script. This helps us tailor our feedback to your intentions and help you do the next steps towards your own goal.

actionable •

If you have purchased script coverage before, you have probably felt some notes were too generic or academic. Our feedback is structured so that you receive actionable notes that you can immediately implement from the next draft.

honest •

It doesn’t matter who gives feedback on your script – industry execs, producers, fellow writers, or even friends – the problem is always the same: they don’t want to compromise their relationship with you. So their words tend to be too kind to be truly useful… Our script coverage is 100% honest because we know how difficult it is to get unbiased notes.

professional •

We have years of experience reading scripts and writing coverage for major production companies and film studios, so we are in the best position to provide you with valuable feedback to get your work to the next level. You get notes from the same people who are selecting scripts for production companies, commissioners and film funds. Read more about our experience here.

We go the extra mile: we forward your script to a producer

If we feel your script is ready, we will forward your script to a producer in our network. We only match your script with producers who are interested in the same kind of story you have written, to maximize the chances of success*.

*please do not purchase feedback if your only goal is getting the script forwarded to a producer. You should check our script calls instead.

Customize your feedback

what you get •

  • Minimum 2-pages of constructive feedback (1-page for short films)
  • An industry-standard scoring grid evaluating: Concept, Character, Dialogue, Structure, Plot and Marketability
  • If all the elements are graded “Good” (or above), we’ll consider forwarding your script to a producer*

*We will ask for permission before forwarding any material. Please note forwarding the screenplay doesn’t guarantee the producer will engage with the script or will provide feedback on it.

you can add •

  • More pages of feedback
  • The rush service to get your feedback in 2 days
  • Anything else you need, feel free to request it in the comments


Short Film£40.00
(1-page of notes)
(2-pages of notes)
TV Pilot (half-hour)£70.00
(2-pages of notes)
(4-pages of notes)
TV Pilot (one-hour)£80.00
(2-pages of notes)
(4-pages of notes)
Feature Film£90.00
(2-pages of notes)
(4-pages of notes)
Additional fees may apply for particularly long scripts or rush delivery. If you are not happy with the quality of the notes we will issue a refund for the feedback fee. Rush fees are not refundable.

Get Feedback

After the checkout, we will send you a link to send us additional information about your project, so that we can tailor the feedback to your vision.