Companies Accepting Unsolicited Scripts in 2022

Welcome, everyone! Please, read carefully before submitting anything:

  1. Don’t flood a company’s inbox with multiple projects but submit a complete and polished document.
  2. Respect their guidelines, time and patience.
  3. Common sense: don’t send a rom-com script to a company specialised in indie horrors (or a blockbuster to a short film company).
  4. Let us know if anything changes on their end (like new requirements, closed submissions, etc.)
  5. Sign up for our newsletter because we might update the list.
  6. Good luck to you all, and don’t forget we forward to a producer any strong script we provide feedback on!

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BBC Studios

Read → They accept unsolicited scripts via BBC Writersroom. They have distinct submission windows for scripts, announced on the BBC Writersroom Opportunities page.

Genlock Films

Read → “We prefer English language horror scripts for the international market but other projects are welcomed”.

The Hampstead Theatre

Read → “All submissions must be from writers based in the UK”.

LLeju Productions and Films


Omnifilm Entertainment

Read → They accept ideas for unscripted content only.

Recorded Picture Company

Read → They accept materials from writers/directors with representation.

The Wireless Theatre Company

Requirements: send a one-page pitch and read the submission guidelines

Unsolicited Scripts – Script Calls

We periodically accept screenplay submissions on our script calls page. We also forward the strongest scripts we provide feedback on to producers who wouldn’t usually accept unsolicited submissions.

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