Our Short Film Grant supports the production of new short screenplays (under 20 pages) or the completion of short films (under 20 minutes). Our goal is to create a funding opportunity where the story is king. There are no boxes to tick apart from writing a great story that is viable for production.

submissions are now closed

but we can send you an email when we’ll open a new funding round

2022 finalists

  • The Snip, written by Ben S. Hyland
  • Elephant, written by Matthew Hopper and Ali Woods
  • A Night of Gharam, written by Hassan Abdulrazzak
  • Falcon Eyes, written by Annlin Chao
  • Ava, written by Johannes Burgin
  • Gobstopper, written by Jo Lane

2022 winners

A NIGHT OF GHARAM, written by Hassan Abdulrazzak

Iman, a niqab-wearing woman, is fed up with her cheating husband. At a shopping mall, an opportunity presents itself for her to impersonate another man’s wife. This takes her on an unexpected adventure of self-realisation.

“A Night of Gharam” was awarded a cash grant of £5,000

FALCON EYES, written by Annlin Chao

Jan, a 14-year-old girl who suffers from face blindness, has developed a unique skill to identify others – by their secret habits. One day, she discovers a picture of a mysterious woman, leading to an unexpected journey accompanied by a birdwoman friend.

“Falcon Eyes” was awarded the colour correction services offered by Matt Jones and the composition of an original soundtrack offered by Andrea Vanzo

2022 sponsors

Andrea Vanzo and Matt Jones sponsored the initiative by offering their services in kind.

Andrea Vanzo – Music Composer

Andrea is an award-winning music composer based in Bologna, Italy. His music is often enveloped in a dark, nostalgic atmosphere developed through a post-minimalist style. He merges modern classical and experimental music with elements of the pop soundscape to create a new cinematic musical language. Apart from his original work, his piano reinterpretations of famous soundtracks went viral and landed him a commission for Decca and Universal: Andrea’s EP “Super Mario” was released in August 2022 and is reinterpreting the soundtrack of the legendary Super Mario videogame series. Andrea is one of the top influencers in his genre on Instagram with a growing fanbase of 265K followers. www.andreavanzocomposer.com @andreavanzo_composer

Matt Jones – Colourist

Matt is a freelance colourist working in the film and television industry. He has a passion for the use of colour as a storytelling device and strives to communicate as much of the narrative through his visual art. He was selected for the BFI x BAFTA Crew cohort in 2020-21. His feature film credits include Six Years Gone” (2022) – DIR: Warren Dudley | Sixty6Media, Ferryman” (2021) – DIR: Darren Bender | Lone Wolf, Two Days In The Smoke” (2020) – DIR: Ben Pickering | Shooting Tiger Pictures, Walking With Shadows” (2019) – DIR: Aoife O’Kelly | Oya Media