How we help producers

Script Forwarding

We read numerous scripts every week. Some of them come through your script consultancy service, others come from other initiatives we may launch throughout the year. When we find a script we fall in love with, we forward it to the producers in our network that we feel are the best match for it. If you’d like to join our network and start receiving the best screenplays we read, please get in touch. We’ll ask you a few questions to understand what is your creative brief and we will make sure to forward exclusively projects that are relevant to you.


Script Calls

If you are actively looking for your next project and you’d like to receive submissions from new writers, we are here to help! You just need to let us know your timeframe and what kind of stories you like. We will open a script call, manage the submissions and send you only the best scripts we received. This allows you to read unsolicited submissions without the fear of being flooded with hundreds of lower-quality screenplays. We are very flexible with the format, so if you’d like to structure the collaboration differently we are happy to discuss options. To get more information about opening a script call, please get in touch.

Working with Unsolicited Scripts was a great experience and very useful. I had a chance to read work from interesting new writers and meet potential collaborators. The reading team also handled the whole process very smoothly, giving me the amount of scripts I had requested to read that were picked with great taste, within the types of genres I had requested (but also with a couple that slightly veered off that and turned out to be very pleasant surprises!)

Terhi Kylliainen – Independent Film Producer

Pitch Decks

We can help you create professional pitch decks to present your project to financiers and commissioners. You provide the text, we do the image search and the layout. If you’d like to see a sample or know more, please get in touch.