Selected Scripts

These are the strongest scripts we have found through our script calls and our feedback service. If you are interested in reading a pitch deck, a one-page synopsis or the full script for one of these projects, please get in touch.

Feature Films

All the right friends, written by Jennifer Daniels (story by Poppy Daniell & Jennifer Daniels)

Modern-day tongue-in-cheek Robin Hood set in post-pandemic London tackling the NFT market, privilege and interpersonal bonds. (Crime, Political, Family, Comedy-Drama)

Iqbal’s shoes, by Rahim Moledina

Iqbal (11) is promised a pair of shoes by his dad, ones he wore as a child, before his sudden death. But when they go missing, a desperate search ensues in the hours leading up to the burial. (Family Drama)

Kit, by Tom Keenan

Gay Elizabethan dramatist spy Christopher Marlowe must come out of the shadows, risk his reputation and outwit a ruthless Archbishop and his network from destroying free speech forever. (Biographical, Period)

Off-Piste, by Pasha Tong

A ski trip takes a sinister turn when honey finds herself trapped in the picture-perfect resort of Himel. (Mystery)

Aviemore, by Ann Hawker

Haunted by nightmare memories, a woman with dementia is determined to end her life before she loses her mind completely, but will her daughter be able to stop her? (Mystery)

Pumpkin Ratbag, by Alix Eve

1999 – as the new millennium approaches, 12-year-old cinephile Pumpkin Ratbag struggles as puberty coincides with her family moving from small-town Yorkshire to suburban London. (Teen Drama)

The Conquered and the Lost, by Mahmut Mahmut

A jaded trust-fund kid is kidnapped for ransom by an enigmatic and erudite professional criminal. While captured, he has to fight his growing fascination with his kidnapper, or lose his chance to escape forever. (Crime, Romance)

The cutting room, by Liam Kavanagh

A cheating boyfriend turns to technology that “edits” memories to save his relationship. But the process turns his girlfriend into a different, dangerous person. (Thriller, Sci-Fi)

TV pilots

Desire not the night, by Dan Foster

Tensions mount along the border between Texas and Mexico when a Texas Deputy Sheriff is murdered, and as both sides try to figure out what happened, a supernatural force emerges for God has sent two Archangels on a mission,
find ten good reasons not to destroy the city – ten “righteous people.”

Hope House, by Isobel Charman

Manchester, 1899: a mysterious young woman blags her way into an Inebriates Home for women. As we wonder why she’s done it, she discovers she may have been better off taking her chances on the outside… (Period, Female-led)

Private Investigations, by Brendan O’Connell

A futile quest for justice in an alternate Ireland where the entire criminal justice system has been privatised. (Crime)

If you’d like to read a pitch or full script, please get in touch